Staff Bios

Get to know the people behind Rage Against Addiction.

Wendy Beck

Founder and Executive Director

Wendy Beck is the Founder and Executive Director of Rage Against Addiction, located in Harford County, Maryland. The organization was founded based on the understanding that no family is immune to addiction and that it can affect the whole family as well. Recovery may start with an addicted loved one, but the healing of the entire family is equally as important. The Rage programs include recovery housing for women, funding initiatives, counselor-led kids discussions, and care packages for new mothers in recovery. “I wanted us to follow the entire family on the road to recovery,” says Wendy.

Her experience with addiction started out of necessity as she tried to understand and help with the struggles that some of her closest family members were going through. She devotes her time and energy by promoting addiction education to the families in and around Maryland and through Rage’s multiple social media platforms. She also works closely with other addiction advocacy groups to combine strengths in advancing awareness for drug addiction and helping erase the stigma surrounding it.

Wendy was celebrated at the 2016 Harford County’s Most Beautiful People Awards, hosted by County Executive Barry Glassman and the Harford County Department of Human Services. She received a Shining Light Award which recognizes individuals who shine a light of awareness on serious issues within the county. She was also a nominee for the county’s Most Beautiful People Award.

She lives in Harford County, Maryland, and is the author of Christmas Angel, a children’s book about grief after the loss of a loved one. This story was lovingly written in memory of her own daughter Kelsea who lost her battle with addiction on December 25, 2015. Christmas Angel can be purchased here.