Tune In! – October 2021

Tune In!

On October 6th, Kristy Breslin, of Baltimore, Maryland’s WJZ Channel 13 news, sat down with Wendy Messner (Founder and Executive Director of Rage Against Addiction) and Rachel Bongiorno (our Recovery Coach and Daughter’s House Program Director) as well as a long-time volunteer and two of our former sober living house residents to talk about Rage for an upcoming episode of Harford MagaScene. This episode will air on the Harford Cable Network sometime in November. According to its website, Harford MagaScene is “a local magazine-style program highlighting upcoming events and nonprofit organizations in Harford County, Maryland.” Ms. Breslin interviewed these five amazing ladies at Daughter’s House, one of our women’s sober living houses located in the suburbs of Harford County, Maryland. Sister House is our second women’s sober living house also located in Harford County, Maryland; both make up our amazing Daughter’s House program which is designed to assist women who are transitioning from substance abuse treatment to recovery.

Ms. Breslin was very accommodating during the interview process. She recognized that some of the content was heavy and difficult to talk about. However, we all knew that spreading information about the devastation of addiction as well as sharing hope for recovery plays an important part for communities in understanding this epidemic and erasing the stigma, supporting families who have lost someone to substance abuse, helping those still struggling, and celebrating those who are in recovery.

The highlight of the interview was Luca, a five-week-old baby of former Daughter’s House resident Michelle Soutar. With a head full of soft brown hair, he slept quietly in his mother’s arms as she talked about her own battles with addiction. She also discussed how our Rage After Baby Care program helped her get on her feet again. This program provides newborn care items to new mothers in early recovery.

Meredith Morris, a former Daughter’s House resident and manager, talked to Ms. Breslin about her time in our sober living house and her amazing journey from a destructive life of substance abuse to a life full of happiness and gratitude.

LeeAnn Hoerr, a dedicated Rage volunteer, talked about her involvement with Rage Club. Her kids are a part of this program that was specifically created for children who have been directly impacted by the devastation of addiction. There is oftentimes a therapist or an educator at our quarterly events to provide these children with coping skills and support, and a feeling of connection. Addiction is unpredictable and scary, and kids need to heal in their own way.

Stay tuned for more details about when this episode will air. We extend of sincere appreciation for the opportunity to share Rage Against Addiction with many communities, and we hope you will tune in when the time comes!

Sober October

Sober October is a month dedicated to abstaining from alcohol. According to an article on the Healthline website, “sober October began in 2014 as a fundraising campaign for Macmillan Cancer Support, a U.K.-based charity that provides support to people living with cancer. This campaign’s primary goal is raising money, but the movement also emphasizes the importance of checking in with yourself about your relationship with alcohol. Over the last few years, Sober October has become a more general movement around the world.”

Everywhere you go, there it is. Alcohol. It’s at cookouts and kids’ birthday parties and meeting friends after work for appetizers. The media often portrays drinking as cool and normal. For those who do not struggle with alcoholism, giving up wine, beer, or liquor may be simple but for those who have a real problem with alcohol, this is no easy feat. We understand that reaching and sustaining sobriety cannot be done in just one month. Many factors come into play when addressing a dangerous relationship with alcohol (or any substance), including past trauma, mental illness, stress-levels, and other serious triggers. Detoxing at home is not recommended, according to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration website, as it can lead to seizures, confusion, fevers, heart attack, and other unsafe conditions. If treated at a hospital, an individual can detox safely and more effectively. Other important ways to achieve and retain sobriety is to connect with a sponsor, attend support meetings, talk with a therapist/counselor, surround yourself with people who encourage your efforts, and maintain self-care habits such as exercising, journaling, meditating, or participating in yoga.

For some people, Sober October may just be a trouble-free month-long challenge to abstain from alcohol, but it is important to recognize that other people will have some difficulty with not drinking. If you are hosting a get-together, provide some non-alcoholic drinks and support those who are choosing to remain alcohol free by remaining optimistic and patient, actively listening to why they are not drinking, and encouraging healthy life-style changes.

Sober October is a great way to bring awareness about the dangers of chronic alcohol use and to open up conversations about its prevalence in our society.

Facebook Fundraiser Creator


Do you know how to create a Facebook Fundraiser for Rage?

Simply use this link: https://www.facebook.com/fund/Rageagainstaddiction/

If your birthday fundraiser reaches at least $250, you qualify for a free Rage Against Addiction Birthday shirt as our gift of appreciation to you. Someone from our team will be in touch.

Creating a fundraiser is an easy way to get involved while spreading awareness in your own community about the devastating effects of addiction and spreading hope for recovery.

Community Resources

Addiction Connections Resource: A non-profit organization that assists with providing resources and support for addiction treatment and that educates the community about substance abuse disorder. Located in Fallston, MD. Please visit here or call 443-417-7810 for more information.

Ashley Addiction Treatment: An inpatient treatment center that personalizes clinical programs based on individual need. Located in Havre De Grace, MD. Please visit here or call 800-799-4673 for information about online and in-person meeting services.

Celebrate Recovery: A local support group for those with addictive behaviors. Located in Bel Air, MD and Joppa, MD.

  • Mountain Christian Church in Joppa, MD: Please register here to join. *Please check out the updated information regarding meeting details.*?
  • 5:45 pm every Thursday at Mt. Zion Church - 1643 Churchville Road, Bel Air, MD 21015. Contact lheitmuller@zoominternet.net or visit here for more information about meetings.

GRASP (Grief Recovery After a Substance Passing): A local support group for those who have lost someone to addiction.

  • 7:00pm on the 2nd Wednesday of each month.
  • Located in the Education Building at Mt. Zion Church - 1643 Churchville Road, Bel Air, MD 21015
  • Contact lisa.craig4@verizon.net for more information.
  • The private national Facebook group is available. Please visit here to ask to join.

The Klein Family Harford Crisis Center: A clinic that provides immediate care for mental health and addiction. Located in Bel Air, MD. Please visit here or call 410-874-0711 for information about online and in-person meeting services.

Loving An Addict: A local support group for family and friends of those in active addiction.

  • 7:00 pm every Saturday.
  • Located in the Education Building at Mt. Zion Church - 1643 Churchville Road, Bel Air, MD 21015
  • Contact lisa.craig4@verizon.net for more information.

We serve locally but think globally. For counseling, or for addiction, substance abuse disorder, or mental illness treatment, please contact your area’s health department, county government, hospital, or law enforcement agency.

Rage Against Addiction Programs

Daughter's House: Designed to assist women who are transitioning from substance abuse treatment to recovery; includes two sober living houses (Daughter's House and Sister House) located in the suburbs of Harford County, MD. Click here to visit the Facebook page.

Rage Club: Designed specifically for children affected by addiction to help them process their feelings and learn about the disease by offering counselor-led activities, such as equine and art therapy, nature walks, and more. The group meets several times a year. Click here for more information

HALO (How to Live Without Our Addicted Loved One): An online grief support group specifically for those that lost loved ones to substance abuse. Click here to ask to join the private Facebook page. *Please read and answer the membership questions prior to joining.

?RAA ABC (After Baby Care): Provides post-partum care packages to new mothers in early recovery. 

Rage Against Addiction Team Members

Wendy Beck: Founder and Executive Director

Rachel Bongiorno: Recovery Coach and Daughter’s House Program Director

Mia Ellis: Newsletter Writer and Administrator

Amanda Buddenbohn: RAA'S ABC (After Baby Care) Coordinator

Tara Kuzma: Chairman of the Board of Directors

Sarah Hoover: Rage Club Event Coordinator and Volunteer

Michael Nesline: Rage Club Mascot