Sober October

Sober October

Abby Dodge is an amazing asset to Rage Against Addiction. Not only is she in recovery, she helps Rage in so many ways and is a true ray of light to those who need the push into recovery. Read her own words as she describes her beautiful transformation:

“I could not stop the madness. I could not stop lying to the people who loved me the most. I could not keep my grades up the first time I attempted to go to college. I could not find respect for myself or the living spaces around me. I could not stop drinking or trying to get outside of myself. I simply could not manage my life.

No one is perfect and I would be lying if I said I haven’t made mistakes in sobriety. But that’s the point; we humans make mistakes all the time. What matters is that we recognize the wrong, what part we played, and how we can work on ourselves to prevent it from happening again. For me, there is no “finish line” in recovery, I will always be going through new situations and challenges that help me grow. I will always be working on myself.

This year I decided to go back to college. For a long time, I was scared to go back. I didn’t want to fail and I wasn’t sure if I even remembered how to “do” school (studying, applying new information, making new friends, and advocating for myself). Today, I can say I love school. Sometimes the students or professors do not understand addiction when I talk about it as I introduce myself. However, the cool part is that I can educate them!

When I am not at school, I work part-time with Rage Against Addiction. I help manage the recovery houses when they need an extra hand, or I go to different events with information and resources for our community. One event Rage attends is called The Ramble Festival. The Ramble Festival is a three-day music festival that gives people the opportunity to spread love and build connections through good vibes while also enjoying the outdoors. Rage hosts a sober camping area as well as a resource table. The peers provide support surrounding addiction or support in general when it comes to using substances. Support looks like going to NA or AA meetings, handing out Narcan, providing a safe area, providing information, or even being a sober friend if needed.

I believe this is all important. For me, I forgot I could have fun and enjoy live music without substances. Because The Ramble Festival is about loving one another and bringing people together, having sober support widens the audience by letting others know they can still have the same wonderful experience without substances. This year did just that! Lots of people acknowledged the sober support and thanked us for being there.

In the beginning I could not stop the madness. Through hard work that never stops, recovery brings new challenges and opportunities to give back. Today, I cannot stop thanking the universe for giving me a second chance at life.”

Read the Note on Matters of Mental Health by Wendy

The change of seasons is a reminder to those in early recovery that this too shall pass! Early recovery is full of all the stuff that reminds us we are alive: anxiety, depression, and uncertainty, just to name a few. When you decide to seek treatment, it can be hard to know where to start. With each new season comes the fear of change. It’s better to do it afraid then to never to it at all. The reward is worth it. Recovery is possible. Your success will be the small efforts you repeat day in and day out.

Recovery Rocks!

At the end of September, Rage was invited to Harford Community College in Bel Air, Maryland. We hosted a resource table on campus and spoke to faculty, staff, and students about addiction and recovery. We met some pretty amazing people! Some knew minimal details about substance use, some knew someone struggling, and others knew someone in recovery, and there was even a handful of students in recovery themselves! Having meaningful conversations with those that come to our tables is part of the reason we do this; they feel connected and not alone, which is vital in spreading hope for recovery.

The Recovery Rocks event was a big hit. Many students stopped by during their lunch break or on their way to class to paint rocks with positive messages on them to spread around campus. Appetizers and non-alcoholic drinks were available as was information regarding mental health support. It was a beautiful day to see our next generation coming together to support one another.

The Wellness Festival brought out hundreds of people throughout the rainy afternoon. Along with massage therapist, a yoga instructor, the Department of Health, several other community and county based organizations offered discussions and details about how to keep yourself mentally healthy.

Rage prides itself on these types of events. We believe it takes a village to help individuals and families heal from the devastation of addiction, and not one person or organization can do it alone.

We serve locally but think globally. For counseling, or for addiction, substance abuse disorder, or mental illness treatment, please contact your area’s health department, county government, hospital, or law enforcement agency.

Addiction Connections Resource: A non-profit organization that assists with providing resources and support for addiction treatment and that educates the community about substance abuse disorder. Located in Fallston, MD. Please visit here or call 443-417-7810 for more information.

Ashley Addiction Treatment: An inpatient treatment center that personalizes clinical programs based on individual need. Located in Havre De Grace, MD. Please visit here or call 800-799-4673 for information about online and in-person meeting services.

Celebrate Recovery: A local support group for those with addictive behaviors. Located in Bel Air, MD and Joppa, MD.​

Mt. Zion Church (1643 Churchville Road, Bel Air, MD 21015): every Thursday at 5:45pm. Please visit here for more information about meetings.

Mountain Christian Church (New Life Center 1802 Mountain Road, Joppa, MD 21085): every Friday at 6:00pm. Please visit here for more details.

GRASP (Grief Recovery After a Substance Passing): A local support group for those who have lost someone to addiction.

7:00pm on the 2nd Wednesday of each month.

Located in the Education Building at Mt. Zion Church: 1643 Churchville Road, Bel Air, MD 21015

Contact for more information. The private national Facebook group is available. Please visit here to ask to join.

The Klein Family Harford Crisis Center: A clinic that provides immediate care for mental health and addiction. Located in Bel Air, MD. Please visit here or call 410-874-0711 for information about services.

Loving An Addict: A local support group for family and friends of those in active addiction.

7:00 pm every Saturday.

Located in the Education Building at Mt. Zion Church: 1643 Churchville Road, Bel Air, MD 21015

Contact for more information.

Voices Of Hope: An organization made up of people in recovery who advocate for behavioral health disorder prevention, intervention, treatment and recovery resources, who eliminate the stigma of addiction through outreach events and education, and who support all pathways of recovery including harm reduction and Narcan training. Located in Cecil County, MD. Please visit here or call 443-933-7055 for information about services.

Daughter’s House: Designed to assist women who are transitioning from substance abuse treatment to recovery; includes three sober living houses (Daughter’s House, Sister House, and The Cottage) located in the suburbs of Harford County, MD. Click here to visit the Facebook page.

RAA ABC (After Baby Care): Provides post-partum care packages to new mothers in early recovery. Check out our program Gift List here.

Rage Club: This program is a resource broker for families and children who have been touched by the devastation of addiction; we encourage open and ongoing conversations as we believe that is the first step in the healing process.

HALO (How to Live Without Our Addicted Loved One): An online grief support group specifically for those that lost loved ones to substance abuse. Click here to ask to join the private Facebook page. *Please read and answer the membership questions prior to joining.*

Wendy Beck: Founder and Executive Director

Rachel Bongiorno: Recovery Coach and Daughter’s House Program Director

Mia EllisNewsletter Writer and Administrator

Amanda Buddenbohn: Board of Directors

Tara Kuzma: Chairman of the Board of Directors